Monday, April 22, 2013

Chest Monday

Hello! Today I worked out my chest and tris. My tris are probably my weak spot, so I'm really trying to hit them hard and work on sculpting them. My workout was:

  • Bench Press 4X10-12
    • I gradually increased weight, with the last set going heavy then removing 25% of the weight and going until failure
    • 30 sec rest
  • Incline Machine 4X10-12
    • Same as bench press
    • 30 sec active rest - high knees
  • Decline Bench Press 4X10
    • 30 sec active rest - jumping jacks
  • Dumbbell Fly 4X10-12
    • 30 sec active rest - kickbacks
  • Superset 4X
    1. Standing Cable Fly X12
    2. Bench Dip with Stability Ball until failure
  • Superset 4X8
    1. Skull Crusher 
    2. Close Grip Barbell Press
      • I alternated these.. 1 skull crusher and then 1 close grip barbell press
      • Once I couldn't do any more skull crushers, I did the close grip presses until failure
  • Rope Pulldowns 4X until failure
    • I do it heavy but not too heavy. I like to do a lot of reps and really feel the burn
  • 20 mins HIITs on treadmill
There you have it! I am a big fan of active rest because it keeps your heart rate up, thus burning more calories. I don't do it on leg days though because I need the energy to really push heavy. The dips and the close grip press really help with size, while the pull downs help with cutting. I recovered with BCAAs and a protein shake (one scoop of whey). I have to start making dinner so that's all for now! 


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