Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Love the Farmer's Market

Hi yall's! This is my food haul from the farmer's market. I know it's not much lol but what they had was limited (I'm guessing because most of the good stuff isn't in season yet). It's also a very small farmer's market with only like 7 tents. I got gluten free rugelach, organic turkey burgers, organic broccoli, and an organic apple. I really like farmer's markets because everything they sell is organic. I try to eat organic as much as I can. Unfortunately, the way I eat and the amount of food I eat each day does not allow me to eat all organic 100% of the time. It's just too expensive. So I try to buy my fruits and veggies organic most of the time. The farmer's markets guarantee fresh food. The meat they had was fed gluten free feed, hormone free, free range, etc. All for a decent price. They also have gluten free sweets which makes me a very happy girl! 

Now the thing with organic food is that they are the most naturally grown and harvested. Regular produce are sprayed with lots of pesticides that are no good for us to consume. A study was done with heads of lettuce and it showed that just one head of lettuce had traces of about 7 different pesticides. 7! Pesticides in combination can be 100x more toxic than consuming one compound. I bet you're thinking, "Yeah, but I always wash my produce before I eat it. Duh." Well, these pesticides are meant to withstand rain, so washing it does not remove it. Now you're thinking, "Yeah, but I cook it anyway. The heat should kill all of the harmful chemicals." Yes, you're right, but you are also killing all of the vitamins and minerals in the food as well. You're essentially removing all of it's nutritional value. So what's one to do? Eat organic!

1. Organic produce have far less pesticides. It's almost impossible to escape pesticides, unless grown in your own backyard. 

2. Organic produce is fresher. It just tastes better!

3. Organic meat are not fed hormones, antibiotics, or poor quality feed. Many of these things are linked to hormone related cancers, specifically breast cancer. (More on this at another time)

Eating organic food raw is your best bet. They contain natural enzymes that aid in digestion once chewed. Most of these enzymes (and then some) are destroyed when cooked.

So my advice is:

  • Eat organic when you can
  • Thoroughly wash produce before consumption, including peels
  • Eat it raw
  • Make sure half of your diet is fruits and veggies
  • Check out your local farmer's market!


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