Thursday, May 2, 2013

Arms Workout

Hey guys! Today I blasted arms, bis AND tris. I took a preworkout and absolutely killed ittt. I took 1MR. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of preworkouts. I don't want to depend on it for energy. I do have a jar in handy just in case I'm feeling unmotivated or sluggish. Just one scoop and I'm back like no one's business XD. I took some today because I really wanted to go heavy so my little arms can grow grow grow! Todays workout:

  • Alternating db curls 4X10
    • 1 min active rest - bent knee jumping jack
  • Superset 4X10
    • Hammer curls
    • High cable curl with dumbbells
    • 1 min active rest - high knees 
  • One arm preacher curl 4X10-12
    • 1 min active rest - side standing long jump
  • Superset 4X8-10
    • Skull crushers
    • Close grip flat bb press
    • 1 min active rest - weighted step ups
  • Superset 4X10
    • Rope pulldowns
    • Bench dips with a stability ball
    • 30 sec active rest - db cleans
  • Overhead db extension on a stability ball 4X10-12
    • 30 sec active rest - battle ropes
  • 55 squats
  • 21s X3
And when I was stuck in traffic, I found a swedish fish in my car. That made me a very happy girl!! 



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