Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shoulder Workout

Fail to plan, plan to fail! I brainstorm and write all of my workouts down before I hit the gym. I like to be prepared and know exactly what I'm doing before I go in. And I have this pic to remind me just in case I forget!

Ok so I'm really going for those diamond arms. You know, the nice "V" on the arm. The secret to this look is having niceeee big deltoids (delts), which is what I really tried to hit during this workout. It's also about tris and bis, but if you have big delts, you got it. Here's my workout:
  • Triset 4X
    • Military press X8
    • Seated side lateral X10
    • Front raises til failure (really chase that burn)
    • 1 min active rest - jumping jacks
  • Superset 4X
    • Arnold press X10
    • Bb clean and press X8-10
    • 1 min active rest - high knees
  • Superset 4X12
    • Incline reverse flys 
    • Face pulls 
    • 1 min active rest - kb swings (really burn out those shoulders)
  • Superset 4X
    • Cable upright rows X12
    • Shrugs (heavy) X8
    • 30 sec active rest - jump squat
  • 10 min ab circuit
    • Incline situps
    • Captain's chair
    • Leg ups
And this morning I jogged for 30 mins as my fasted cardio. Plus this workout incorporated HIIT cardio so I did my cardio for the day. Kill your workout!!



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