Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back Workout and My Watch

Happy hump day! The weekend is almost hereeee :) This morning I was feeling like a whale because I skipped out on the gym so today I went extra hard. I took a preworkout and worked my arse off. Today's workout:

  • Warmup 3X
    • Unassisted pull ups
    • 1 min active rest - db press
  • Superset 4X8-12
    • Lat pull downs
    • Close grip reverse pull downs
    • 1 min active rest - kb swings
  • Superset 4X10-12
    • Bent over bb row
    • Bent over one arm row
    • 1 min active rest - step ups
  • Deadlifts (heavy) 3X10
    • 1 min active rest - speed skaters
  • 50 squats
  • Ab circuit
  • 20 HIITs on elliptical
    • 1 min plank every 5 mins
  • Cool down
Now as far as my watch goes, I have a Polar FT4 which I loveeee. I put in my height, weight, and age and it measures my heart rate and how many calories I burned. It's really helpful for those trying to measure calorie intake and such. And it's very accurate. A lot of times people will rely on the cardio machine to tell them how many cals they burned which is not a good thing. It can't really measure you're heart rate so it approximates. The number on the machine is usually double what you actually burn. If the machine says you burned 600 cals, you probably only burned 300. I highly recommend the watch, it really comes in handy. There's also the Polar FT7 which is a fancier version. It tells you the percentage of body fat you burned in addition to the other stuff. You can find these watches on Amazon for $60-$80, depending on which model you get. You can also find them at sporting goods stores for a little bit more money. Enjoy your day!



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